Top luxury modules for permanent residence.


It does not happen frequently that wishes and dreams come true. The luxurious model of our residential module is all except usual mobile home. Getting familiar with it means the first hand experience on what such a luxurious class model can offer. It is excellent technical equipment, above standard quality, smart design, state-of-the-art functionality, entire energy independence and comfortable luxury what make it so unusual. Will you get attracted by convincing options of permanent stay and of equipment  both on dry land and on a  floating house boat ?




Perfection has many faces

Fascination on the first look, impressive, distinct outlines, striking and bright shapes, dynamics connected with grace, style, luxury, functionality based upon perfect design all of those emphasize optical appearance of magnificent silhouette. Functionality can enthuse, fascinate, functionality can persuade. But can functionality be also beautiful ? Designers and engineers developed unified language of shapes which incorporates all functional elements into the overall look of the residential unit. Each and every element of interior starting with inovative LED lighting through magnificent curves shapes upto their functional detail is impressive materialization of what makes the First Class execution  of the residential module. The overall interier look is very distinct and it is not so simple to concentrate on any single element thereof. But it is worth of doing so for both on the whole  appearence and on every single detail it is obvious how innovative were the ideas and how brilliant was the mastery which incorporated them.


There are many ways how you can feel luxury

He who takes a look into the residential room for the first time learns immediately : here is everything OK, here I can feel well. The what indicates clear lines and smart surfaces when seen from outside will also exactly confirm when seen from inside. All is integrated into one single whole – the luxury place for living with atmosphere. In glass cases you will notice the glasware assortment along with 32 inch ultraslim LED TV with brilliant picture quality. Here you can spend beautiful evenings with friends while relaxing and  chatting on a music background produced by hifi stereo set and enjoying undisturbed unique landscape view through large panaramic windows. In the house boat execution you can experience the genuine fusion with the nature during remarkable stay on lakes and  rivers. You will witness the most splendid mornings and nights full of stars, comfortable sitting aboard will make you feel unbelievably free and happy.




Culinary pleasure

Enjoying the outlook on surrounding mountains or lakes while filletting just fished Norwegian wild saumon and smelling hills and water in fresh breeze of board kitchen provides all clever trifles thanks to which you can prepare culinar specialities in a so authentic way. Many practical and above standard cuisine equipment render your cooking a comfortable event and thus standing in this functional and state-of-the-art kitchen is just a pure pleasure. You can savour extensible desk top with double sink positioned in a way eliminating back pain, easy sliding drawers, high performing  3-burners heater, spacious refrigerator with separate freezer, microwave and gas oven, dishwasher, etc.. Herbal fragrance and fresh specialities from local market – these will certainly boost your cooking appettite and if, at the same time, there is available an upscale kitchen of the residential module then your cooking, frying, baking, roasting and grilling with such an efficient equipment will every culinary dream come true.


Bathroom is a special space where you can feel well, where you can care and treate of yourself. All is here deluxe: atmosphere produced by lighting, cabinet with underlighted mirror, big shower with transparent glass partition, modern wash basin and, of course, generously designed space for movement. Wrapping yourself up into soft towels after relaxing shower, it is a luxury which you deserve.




Stylish comfort while sleeping

As a matter of fact this space is too nice to spend here one´s time but it was created exactly for this purpose – to have a good rest after a busy day. You will certainly feel well when you can give a relaxing sigh while laying on an extra wide bed and enjoying refreshing rest on multi-zone foam mattress which makes so good to your back. Already a bit sleepy you take a scanning look at the room: a lot of space around the bed in the middle, two reading lamps with flexible arm, generously designed closets with thoughtful drawer system – all around luxury comfort seducing to dream even during the day. The most beautiful aspect of these dreams is the fact that they can come true. The craftsman´s thoroughness, flawless design in every detail – it´s good to feel this extraordinary environment.

Intelligent control of technology

Pricisely working technology makes you feel comfortably and sure that you safely reach your finish. Even if the technical equipment is often not noticeable by any special feature, it just serves your needs on a background, regarding the quality, demanding execution and applied materials, up to the last detail we do not know any compromise.

The residential module considers the reliable own independent energy supply, designed as an island system without connection to public grid,  as a matter of course. This high performance  power system reliably generates voltage for all electrical appliances, LED lighting, etc. i.e. for your comfortable stay. This system is controlled by central PC and cooperates with power storage able to contain 3 to 15 kWh and thus ensure for you sufficient power for all your needs.