Special humanitarian modules

Special purpose residental modules                   

The very basic application criteria imposed on all developped special living modules were: crew safety and comfort, the highest possible resistance against all external adverse conditions, energy consumption self-sufficiency, long-term operational reliability, simplicity and instant deployment ability.

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Rescue Modules

The rescue modules are top furnished mobile ambulances providing complete medical equipment for corpsmen and rescue teams enabling life saving operations on intervention site from first aid and vital functions stabilization through patient´s transport preparation upto and including efficient medical treatment. From outside the modules are visibly marked by international rescue teams symbols

Medical equipment

Available are both integrated and portable diagnostic instrumentation including life saving devices, medicaments, infusion solutions, tools, medical sets, requisites, material.

Technical equipment

The rescue modules enable the crew in a limited space to perform necessary examinations and therapeutic actions. That is why the internal space is accomodated so that it meets basic ergonomic requirements. The whole internal space is sufficiently illuminated by natural and artificial light but, at the same time, the transparency of side windows is adequately reduced, the instrument handles are located in the most convenient positions for expected manipulation with a good visibility of displays and its control elements.

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The furniture outfit is optimized as to providing sufficient storage space for instruments and other work aids like infusion holders, oxygen bottles, etc.. Important interior feature is the safety – all sharp-edged surfaces are rounded, the number of freely positioned objects is reduced to absolute minimum, the glass objects are placed into safety cases. In each module there is airconditionning/heating system, own toilet (chemical or WC), drinking water storage of 1000 to 1500 litres and sewage tank for liquid waste.

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The possibility of using Special module.

Special modules have a wide array of applications, from medical after the rescue. There are also specialized modules for the CORONER. These special modules are designed for use in areas of natural disasters. The modules are designed as a storage cooling device.

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Military application

The module construction can be reinforced by ballistic protection system which is incorporated into the wall sandwiche, windows, roof etc. The ballistic protection system ensures the resistance against standard infantry weapons and provides effective crew protection.

military module 1

Module CheckPoint

The next groups are the modules in performing a checkpoint. These modules can be used as a device to create a control point in the implementation of the control of persons, vehicles and the area under the supervision of the activities of the army, police and UN troops. The module is used as a background for surveillance patrols in the field. Possibly in conjunction with other accommodation modules create a universal independent base. Custom marking UN men fear replaced by use (police, customs officers, etc. Color design of the modules is either white or in the desired camouflage.

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For internet communication and intercommunications among individual rescue units like ambulance vans, helicopters, etc. the modules are equipped with satellite or wireless internet connection, PC and with radio communication device. The modules are also equipped with the technical aid means like extinguishers, extrication sets, carying straps, ropes, winches, shovels, axes, lighting units, hard hats, covers for human bodies, blankets, bed sheets, spare batteries, outdoor information signs, etc.. This outfit can vary according to customer´s specification.

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