Off-road camping modules
Optional ECO versions

Worldwide unique system of residential units for extreme conditions

The basic idea behind was enabling independent stay of a crew like hunters and miners but also tourists and workers who are supposed within their short or long term assignments to live and work in remote areas and often in extreme environment of wilderness. Mobile modules come also in military versions.The designers´ task was to create unique power-wise selfsupporting system for accomodation of 4 and more persons on a long term basis. The modules are devised as a living environment of highest standard for 4 to 6 persons. The module is conceived as a mobile structure able to resist even to harshest climatic conditions, in basic execution for temperatures ranging from +50°C upto -50 °C, in  execution „extreme“ upto -70°C . The modules can be transported both by road transport vehicles and as a hanging freight underneath of helicopters or in the freight compartment of airliners. Modules can also be placed on specially designed floating pontoons selfpowered by elmotors, diesel or LPG-engines or supplied  as a selfpowering house boat for lakes and rivers navigation.The internel setup and outfit of the units can be modified as per the customer´s requirements. Installed can be accessories for rescue teams, ambulances including specialized first aid equipment for emergency purposes. All materials used in the production of the modules can be fully recycled.


Construction module elements


The modules are designed as selfsupporting solid welded structures. Their structural and mechanical resilience was defined so that the modules could be able to hold out mechanical loads emphasizing extraordinary rigidity of the whole structure. The technical solution features ability to resist extreme climatic conditions and also greatly rough handling. The wall construction is carried out as reinforced sandwich arrangement with 150 to 250 mm thermal insulation, optionally with upto 350 mm thickness. The sandwich wall arrangement takes care also of vapor drainage so that the inside wall room stays always dry. The applied windows in the modules are glassed with 3 or 4 panes with micro ventilation. All the windows are covered with high résistance safety foil preventing mechanical damages. The entrance door with electronic security ensures high degree of mechanical safety and damage protection. The external coating makes the module waterproof and mechanically more resistant.

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The living section, conveniences and available colour variety.

The crew is supported by the independent power source, complete sanitary service including hot water and complete background for meal preparation and sufficient food storage. All the furniture equipment share high quality standards used in camper vans and trailers manufactured by reputable producers. Available colour shades range from camouflage patterns to pastel tones while other options are underway. The module size is designed for four upto six persons.


Solar power.

The power selfsupporting system is designed to reliably cover the own power consumption of the module in all parts of the world and to be able to power also other equipment. The solar source is made out of solar panels fitted to jointed supporting frame on the roof enabling to set the optimal tilt for the best solar efficiency. The technical section of the module contains all electronics – DC/AC inverter + battery charger, battery bank (GEL, AGM, LIFO-PO4) with capacity of 3,5,10 upto 20 kWh, PC control of the whole system.

Vertical wind turbines.



This source is applied for power outputs from 300W upto 5 kW.  The turbine is fitted on a telescopic mast which slides it upto the height of 5 m above the module roof. This wind as well as the solar source is controlled by the central control unit which, in cooperation with the wind velocity measuring system, sends both start and stop signals depending on minimum and maximum permissible wind velocity thus eliminating the damage danger by extreme wind conditions. The whole power system is designed for sufficient power reserve which in case of extreme climatic conditions is ensured by emergency power generator fueled by light diesel oil or LPG. The modules can also be connected to local public grids if available. (water, electricity)

Heating and the machine room.


The module is heated by the closed water circuit warmed up by several heat sources. In order to use the fire wood usually available within the ambient reach the living section is equipped with a fireplace heater fitted with water heat exchanger, the stainless steel exhaust piping is supplied like accessory. For warming up the water circuit used can also be the LPG burner, the module is equiped with 2-4 pressure bottles with 20 kg gas contents each which are located in the technical section. Here, optionally, can also be installed the micro CHP (combined heat and power) unit with the power output 5-8 kWe/7-12 kWt which supplies both electricity for the battery storage and for the water heating circuit at the same time. The adventage of such an option is particularly in the long term operation of the module in the cold part of the year or in the harsh climatic conditions. Other heat sources of the heating water circuit are located in the technical section which is equipped with independent ventilation system.


Air conditionning.

The modules are fully air conditioned. The AC unit is in a standard execution and is provided with sufficient power to create pleasent environment inside the module even in hot regions.

Waste and water.


The module integrates two drinking water tanks for 600-1000 liters in combination with solar water pump and filtration system. The faeces are separated in special tank of abt. 600 l capacity. In case that within the reach available is a suitable drinking water source the solar water pump is able to transport this water into the module storage. Optionally, it is possible to supply also the water treatment unit and for organic waste utilization also the composting unit. When more modules are working together available is also the mobile sewage treatment unit while when at least 5-10 modules are in question supplied can be the micro biogas station.


Special modifications and technical solutions of modules.


For sake of wider application the modules can be also equipped with various special features. On the roof It can be heliport for also supplied heavy duty drones HORNET with various specialized functionalities, in military applications there are installed high-performance cameras for infra and night vision whereby one of the bedrooms changes into the drone control centre. The supplied drones are able to operate in preprogrammed selfdependent mode for upto 60 min of flight with automatic base return. Other special equipment include high-performance radio stations with passive GPS module localization, satellite phone connection and receiver. The telescopic masts can be fitted with lighting and camera systems. The special feature offered is ballistic module protection for deployment in potentially dangerous regions. The equipment of hunting and military versions include resilient boxes for arms and ammunition. 4 extinguishers per module and internal safety sensors (smoke, CO2 and module integrity with alarm signal transfer to PC or GSM) are in standard execution and optionally fully equipped rescue set and other usual outfit like axes, shovels, outdoor grills, camping utensils, power saws, fuel cans, small emergency diesel generator, water purification agents, etc..

Technical Module description summary.


Length 12000 /mm  13 000/ mm 14000 /mm
Width 2500 /mm 3000 mm / 3500 mm
Height 2500 / mm
Weight depending on equipment 7000 / 8500 / 10 000 / 12 000 /Kg
Colour shades Camouflage – pastel tones
Voltage + battery storage 12V / 24V DC /230V AC – 50 Hz + storage 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 kWh – public grid connectable
Water tanks capacity 600 /1000 liters + 80 liters hot water boiler
Wiring, piping Water, gas, electricity
Faeces and sewage tank 600 to 1000 liters
Heating and air condition Fire wood/LPG/heating water circuitĂ­ + separate air condition
Furniture Complete living and kitchen sets incl. refrigerator 100-150 l and meal preparation utensils
Rest room shower + WC dry or water drained to sewage tank + washbowl
Power generation Solar panels / vertical wind turbine/diesel or LPG generator, CHP micro unit
Thermal insulation 150 / 250 /350 mm special sandwiche panel
Module systems control Based on PC with remote data communication.
Communications + security Radiostation, GPS, satellite communication, safety code security locks
Fire security Extinguishers, smoke + CO2 sensors , optionally mobile diesel powered fire pump
Special protection (military version) Ballistic shield, window protection foil, surveillance drone, infra + night vision camera
Usual camping outfit Shovels, axes, tool kits, ropes, inflatable dinghy, furniture, barbecue, etc.
Special auxiliary equipment Stand-alone vertical turbine, solar water pump, off-road vehicles */

*/ Upon the client´s request as a special auxiliary equipment supplied can also be self-powered tracked or wheeled flatbed trailers specially adapted for manipulation and transport of the modules to and from the place of destination.

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  • Energy self-supporting modular systems for long term stay in remote areas
  • Self-sufficient bases for expeditions in extreme conditions
  • Bases and camps for hunting expeditions
  • Fishing outposts on lakes and rivers in remote areas
  • Geological and other survey and research bases
  • Selfsupporting tourist bases for hi/bikers and motorized nature fans
  • Alpinist bases
  • Wood and Oil miners´ bases
  • In combination with off-road conveyers */ ideal living system in remote areas
  • Mobile construction bases for power, gas or oil pipelines
  • Military bases in remote areas
  • Military checkpoints with drone surveillance and other service.
  • Firefighting bases with drone surveillance in national parks
  • Military OSN
module and offroad machine